As in past years, affiliated shows can run as many or as few qualifiers as you wish.  There is no affiliation fee to pay – all we require is the application form returned to us – preferably by email.  The forms can be downloaded either as a MS Word document or a PDF fillable form option.

Email the Affiliation form to or post it to:

Betsy Branyan, 7 Papyrus Way, Sawtry, Cambridgeshire PE28 5TY

Affiliation Documents

Affiliated Shows

Competitors may qualify for Equifest up to the end of July and can enter any championship class that they qualified for between the 12th July – 31st July at Equifest as long as they have their signed and dated Equifest Qualification card.


1   Oastwood Stud Mountain & Moorland In Hand  
2   The Dazzle Mountain & Moorland Ridden  
3   No. 58 Ladies Boutique Mountain & Moorland Lead Rein 
4   Equifest Mountain & Moorland First Ridden 
5   Equifest Junior Ridden Mountain & Moorland
6   Mrs Ripley & Mrs Reader Mountain & Moorland Working Hunter Ponies 
7   Equifest Show Ponies Lead Rein 
8   Equifest Show Ponies First Ridden 
9   Equifest Ridden Show Ponies – NEW for 2024 – Any suitable sized rider.
10 Equifest Show Hunter Ponies Lead Rein 
11 Signature Health Care Communications Ridden Show Hunter Ponies – NEW for 2024 – Any suitable sized rider.
12 Clayworth Working Hunter Ponies – NEW for 2024 – Any suitable sized rider.
13 Equifest Ridden Small Hunters 
14 JJM Consultancy Ridden Hunters
15 Equifest Working Hunters 
16 Equifest Intermediate Show Riding Type
17 Equifest Intermediate Show Hunter Type
18 Equifest Ridden Hacks 
19 Nupafeed Riding Horses 
20 Nupafeed Ridden Cobs 
21 Equifest Maxi Cobs 
22 Equifest Re-Trained Race Horses 
23 Equifest Ridden Part Breds 
24 Equifest Ridden Veterans 
25 Equifest In Hand Piebald / Skewbalds 
26 Equifest Ridden Piebald / Skewbalds 
27 Equifest In Hand Riding / Hunter Ponies 
28 BRHH Eversley Ridden Heavy Horses 

 NEW FOR 2024 – Any suitable sized rider may now compete in Show Pony, Show Hunter Pony & Working Hunter pony classes at Equifest affiliated shows – unless the show rules state otherwise.  Please note that if shows are also affiliated to BSPS / NPS  / UKPH their rules will take precedence and age restrictions will apply.  We will be monitoring rider sizes in all classes at Equifest and the 20% rider / horse weight ratio will apply – so please ensure that the rider for all classes is of a suitable size.  

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